Tour del Canigó

Tour around the sacred mountain of the Catalan Countries

Four stages hiking trek, touring around the massif and crowning the 2.784 m summit.

The trek circles between the north-Catalan shires of Vallespir and Conflent, stopping in all four massif’s cardinal points. The four different stages facing the four main winds, the broad elevation gradient and the vicinity of the Mediterranean to one of the sides, render the Trek into an exhibition of floral diversity. From 1.080 m of elevation to the top, the trails cross deep Atlantic beech forests covered by moss, dry-land bushy forests, or abrupt skylines of craggy cliffs.


63 Km

Standard time

4 Days

Lowest elevation

1.080 metres

Highest elevation

2.784 metres

Cumulative ascent

4.028 metres

Cumulative descent

4.028 metres

The stages

Route and profile

The four unavoidable checkpoints of Tour del Canigó are: the old mines of Vetera (east), the hermitage of Sant Guillem de Combrets (south), the valley of Mariailles (west) and the plain of Cortalets (north). The Chimney of Canigó is the only place where some dizziness may be felt, thought thousands of people climb it every year without a problem. Should you choose to avoid it, you can do it by the alternative stage, and going up to the sumit from Cortalets.

1. Vetera 2. Sant Guillem 3. Mariailles 4. Canigó 5. Cortalets

Details and operation

Tour del Canigó is a self-guided tour, which you can do on your own, in which we provide you with the reservation of accommodation and all the information and services necessary to walk safely and comfortably. Straightaway we answer the most common questions. Straightaway we answer the most common questions.


The type of accommodation along the crossing is mountain refuges and an old mining construction. If you want to rest in a small town before or after walking, you can stay in a hotel in Prats de Molló or in Vernet, two charming villages at the foot of the Canigó, both beside the thermal baths.

Natural environment

The area classified today as the Great Site of the Canigó Massif extends over 7,820 ha in the highest part of the massif and its highest ridges. Enter this section if you want to know more about its orography, nature, fauna and flora, as well as the interaction of man with the mountain over the centuries.

Historical and cultural environment

The emblematic Canigó, a traditional lighthouse and source of cross-border inspiration, is today a protected massif and listed as the Grand Site of France. Fascinated and intrigued by its lofty silhouette, the human being feared, respected, admired and conquered this peak glorified by stories and legends, gradually becoming the sacred mountain of the Catalan Countries.

Welcome Pack

Ten days before starting, we will send you the welcome packs, which include:
  • Map of Editorial Alpina 1: 25,000 exclusive Tour del Canigó
  • Booklet explaining the stages
  • Tour del Canigó technical T-shirt
  • Exclusive buff from this Route
  • GPS track
  • Control card to be marked at every lodging