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The four crossing points of the Carlit 50 Lakes crossing are La Bullosa, Les Vésines, En Beis and Camporrells. The clockwise / counterclockwise direction is indifferent, although we explain it in counterclockwise sense because we have to choose one. The clockwise / counterclockwise direction is indifferent, although we explain it in counterclockwise sense because we have to choose one.

Stage 1

La Bullosa – Camporrells

La Bullosa is a lake at 2.016 m of elevation, at the most elevated part of the Shire of Capcir. The trek starts with a mild stage, without challenging slopes; a nice promenade along La Bullosa, of which we will catch sight from different elevations. Broad and mild mountain pastures, solitary lakes, and the option to climb to Puig Peric, before reaching Camporrells, to enjoy one of the best scenic views of Eastern Pyrenees: the panorama from Cadí to Canigó or from Serra de Madres to Pica d’Estats, combined with the lakes underneath.

  • Distance: 11,30 km
  • Standard time:: 5-6 h
  • Lowest elevation: 1.935 m
  • Highest elevation: 2.251 m
  • Cumulative ascent: 669 m
  • Cumulative descent: 429 m
Stage 1 profile

Stage 2

Camporrells – En Beis

From the pastoral lakes of Camporrells, we will climb to the ridge between Capcir and l’Arièja, natural pass with great views on each side. The deep Estany del Diable (Devil’s Lake), the prehistoric vestige of Peira Escrita (Written Rock), or the views upon the Dent d’Orlu, one of the most exceptional rock walls in the area, will contribute to enhance the interest of the stage. In the second half we will deepen into the Orlu Animal Reservation, through steep and scenic fields and pastures.

  • Distance: 11,38 km
  • Standard time: 6-7 h
  • Lowest elevation: 1.905 m
  • Highest elevation: 2.605 m
  • Cumulative ascent: 414 m
  • Cumulative descent: 700 m
Stage 2 profile

Stage 3

En Beis – Les Vésines

Through the narrow passes of the high valley of Orièja, we will discover elongated lakes and deep paths between rocks and cliffs, until the landscape opening when we reach the circus of Estany Faurí, and later the great Estany de Lanós. The views broaden up to show us the Puig Pedrós de Lanós and the Coma d’Or, watching face to face the defiant Carlit, at the other side of the calm water course of Lanós. The valley of Vésines will lead us straight, following the creeks between ponds full of sediments, to the end of the stage, looking ahead to the first mountains of Andorra.

  • Distance: 10,611 km
  • Standard time: 5 h
  • Lowest elevation: 1.905 m
  • Highest elevation: 2.539 m
  • Cumulative descent: 774 m
  • Cumulative ascent: 760m
Stage 3 profile

Stage 4

Les Vésines – La Bullosa

The circus of Pedrós is a lonely enclave under the massive Puig Pedrós de Lanós, where we will find several ponds, before the first sunbeams are able to overcome its summit (2.842 m). Once the ridge is reached, we will follow it for a while, with panoramic views at either side, heading north to reach the flatlands of Rouzet, above the Estany de Lanós, and later on the Coma de la Grava, a long glacial valley, very suitable for a nice promenade which will lead us to the small islands of La Bullosa, along the right side of which the path continues, to reach the end of the stage, at an ideal stretch for photographers.

  • Distance: 18,325 km
  • Standard time: 7-8 h.
  • Lowest elevation: 2.007 m
  • Highest elevation: 2.455 m
  • Cumulative ascent: 946 m
  • Cumulative descent: 1.015 m
Stage 4 profile

Stage 5

Ascent Pica del Carlit

Ascent to one of the great peaks of the Pyrenees, the highest from Andorra to the Mediterranean; a summit that has to be conquered at least once in a lifetime. And the hike is really worth it: Uphill reaching lake after lake, up to twelve of them, which we will walk around as we approach the massif, with gentle slopes through the area known as Carlit’s desert. The final climb will not prevent us from casting glances to the blue stained landscape that we leave behind; spectacular.

  • Distance: 19,90 km
  • Standard time: 7-8 h
  • Lowest elevation: 1.942 m
  • Highest elevation: 2.921 m
  • Cumulativa ascent: 1.196 m
  • Cumulative descent: 1.196 m
Stage 5 profile

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