Carlit 50 Lakes

From lake to lake through the highest peaks in Eastern Pyrenees

Los lagos son la alegría de los paisajes de montaña, y en esta ruta los disfrutaremos de lo lindo!

Ahead of us, more than 50 lakes scattered among 5 stages in the area of Carlit, Puig Peric and La Bullosa. This circular trek has been conceived to explore in depth this sector of Pyrenees, without technical hindrances, with awesome landscapes, and crowning the highest summit in the Eastern Pyrenees: the Carlit (2.921 m). The stages cross Animal Reservations, Natural Parks and locations with different degrees of environmental protection, due to the high ecologic value of its flora, fauna and landscapes.


71,51 Km

Standard time

5 Stages

Lowest elevation

1.905 metres

Highest elevation

2.921 metres

Cumulative ascent

4.100 metres

Cumulative descent

4.100 metres

The stages

Route and profile

The 71 km spread over five days crossing, connects more than 50 high mountain lakes and allows you to climb the most emblematic peaks of this spectacular sector of the Eastern Pyrenees. Geographically we will between the French Departments of Pyrénées Orientales and Midi-Pyrénées or, in other words, in the border between Occitània and Països Catalans.

1. La Bullosa 2. Camporells 3. En Beis 4. Vésines 5. Portella de la Grava 6. Puig Carlit

Details and operation

Carlit 50 Lakes is a self-guided trip, which you can do on your own, in which we provide you with the reservation of accommodation and all the information and services necessary to walk safely and comfortably. Straightaway we answer the most common questions.


The type of accommodation along the crossing is mountain refuges and a hostel. If you want to rest in a small town before or after walking, you can stay in lodgings as gîte d’étape or hostels.

Natural environment

The Carlit 50 Lakes itinerary runs through a high mountain area that is homogeneous at an orographic and landscape level, but quite diverse at a geographical, administrative, and historical level. It crosses a large number of natural interest places, protected by its high environmental value, the fauna diversity that they host, and the high landscape interest that has made it one of the most visited areas of the Eastern Pyrenees. Let’s get to know these places in a bit more depth.

Historical and cultural environment

During the crossing we will be between the French departments of the Eastern Pyrenees and the Midi-Pyrénées, or what is the same, between the Catalan Countries and Occitania, between the counties of Alta Cerdanya, Capcir (Northern Catalonia) and the Haut Ariège (Occitania). Despite being a historical zone of linguistic transition, where the Catalan and Occitan languages had so many features in common that they were confused, the etymological differences are already glimpsed by analyzing their toponymy.

Welcome Pack

Ten days before starting, we will send you the welcome packs, which include:
  • Map from IGN 1:50.000
  • Detailed digital road-book
  • Exclusive T-shirt from Carlit 50 Lakes
  • Exclusive buff from this Route
  • Control card to be marked at every lodging
  • GPS track
  • Some other little gifts