From Pyrenees to the sea

Five stages join the high mountain valleys charm with the Mediterranean Sea

A route from Camprodon to Collioure with amazing crests, forests and charming villages

From the Camprodon valley to the cliffs of the Mediterranean coast, this route in five stages connects the high valleys of the Eastern Pyrenees with the sea. Along the route, we will walk through an exuberant variety of landscapes, from high-mountain terrain to coastal ecosystems, through the lush woods of the hills of Vallespir, la Garrotxa, and l’Empordà, trekking alternatively on either side of the Pyrenees, north and south. This route blends nature with history, as one of the most poignant episodes of the Spanish Civil War took place in this part of the Pyrenees, the Republican withdrawal in 1939. We will be following on the footsteps of the exiles, using the very same points to cross the mountains.


110,40 Km

Standard time

5 Stages

Lowest elevation

0 meters

Highest elevation

1.618 meters

Cumulative ascent

4.091 meters

Cumulative descent

5.088 meters

The stages

Route and profile

This 112 km and five days route joins Camprodon with Cotlliure, two charming villages set in two contrasting landscapes: from El Ripollès, in the mountains, to the Red coast, among cliffs and streets bursting with light and colour. Along the route, we will enjoy several different types of woodlands, panoramic views between the high peaks of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean plains, at both sides of the range. There are deep middle mountain regions awaiting, between the Camprodon valley, Alt Vallespir, Alta Garrotxa, Alt Empordà and Roussillon. Enjoy!

1. Camprodon 2. Montfalgars 3. Santuari del Coral 4. Torres de Cabrenç 5. St. Llorenç de Cerdans 6. Roc de Frausa 7. Les Illes 8. El Portús 9. Coll de l’Ullat 10. Puig Neulós 11. Pic de Sallafort 12. Cotlliure

Details and operation

Collioure Straightaway we answer the most common questions.


Some locations offer a choice of accommodation, from basic to more comfortable. Here you can know and choose them. Here you can know and choose them.

Historical and cultural context

The route ‘From the Pyrenees to the Sea’ takes us through the same territory where the Republican exodus took place. We will be following the steps of the escape routes of the exiles, and see the most relevant landmarks of that historical event. And all of it, inside astonishing protected natural areas at both sides of the boundary, one after the other.


Ten days before starting, we will send you the welcome packs, which include:
  • Two topographic maps by Mont Editorial.
  • Un libro descriptivo de la ruta en formato digital
  • A “From the Pyrenees until the Sea” exclusive Tuga Wear technical t-shirt.
  • A Lurbel headband with visor.
  • The pass card to be punched at each stopping point.
  • GPS track
  • A ticket to Exile Memorial Museum in La Jonquera
  • Other small complimentary gifts.