Mont Capell

Discover the most emblematic mountain of Sant Llorenç de Cerdans, 1,194 m, with views of the Empordà and the sea

Mont Capell (1,194 m) is the most emblematic mountain in the municipality of Sant Llorenç de Cerdans. A modest summit, but that when crowned it becomes a privileged vantage point of the Vallespir and the Empordà, in first term, and from the sea to the high mountains of the Eastern Pyrenees, always with the Mount Canigó, presiding over the panoramic. The town hall of Sant Llorenç de Cerdans and Centre Excursinista Peu Alegre organizes a popular walk once a year.

The path that goes up coincides, almost up, with the path to Coustouges and the interstate border, and is steeped in history. From Maçanet de Cabrenys to Coustouges and Sant Llorenç, this was one of the Retreat ways between the various that were used in the Empordà during February of 1.939, after the Spanish Civil War. A journey that, also between 1940 and 1944 was, for many, a way of runaway and hope: persecuted Jews, resisters threatened with death or deportation, allied pilots killed in French territory, young people going to find free French forces, evaded … For all of them, this was a path to freedom, endangering their lives.

Podem començar l’excursió a l’oficina de turisme de Sant Llorenç, al costat del qual hi ha un túnel que passa per sota les cases. We can start the trek in the tourist office of Sant Llorenç, next to which there is a tunnel that goes under the houses. A series of posters linked to the Republican Retreat place us in the historical context, we must bear in mind that there is an interesting Retreat museum on the office, which we recommend you do not miss. We will start the tour going through the tunnel and, among the many brands of paint there are, we will look at the yellow and red ones (GRP del Vallespir), which we will follow during most of the excursion.